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There are many reasons to choose Notar...

...But the most important thing is that we guarantee that we will do our utmost to sell your property at a price you are happy with. At Notar, the focus is 100 per cent aimed at selling the home, that the result should be good for the seller, and that the experiences for the customers should be good throughout the process.

We have Norways best toolkit for sale of homes, and constantly strive to find new and accurate methods for selling your particular home. Notar is an independent real estate agent with good industry and area knowledge. 

As a seller of housing abroad you also have Notar's unique sales guarantee. In it, it is that if we cannot sell your home within the period allocated you can withdraw from the assignment - No cure no pay. We are on until you are happy and you can decide when you want to sell. By using Notar you therefore have the best prerequisites for a positive and pleasant sales process as possible.

In addition to selling properties in Gran Canaria we also administrate housing for holiday rentals. We will be available during your entire stay in our accomodations. We check you in, provide information about the area, restaurants and things to do if you desire it. We can be found in our office in the Áncora shopping center centrally in Árguineguín, local 97. We are more than happy to answer questions and inquiries, ready to assist in making your holiday in Gran Canaria unforgettable. 

We offer our services in a broad variety of languages, hereby norwegian, swedish, english, german, dutch, greek and spanish. This gives us an unique possibility to assist our clients in the very best way possible. 

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Charles Moe Mamacos




Phone: +34 638 004 139 / +47 477 33 492