Buying process

Purchasing a property in the Canary Islands.

Buying a home in the Canary Islands is a bit different from buying a home in the UK. When you search for properties on the Internet around the Canary Islands, you can often see the same property with several brokers. It is therefore important that you find a broker you know and can trust, who would like to speak your own language.

At NOTAR you are in good hands, both at a professional and personal level. We will assist you throughout the purchase process with all applicable laws and regulations so that the purchase of your property is performed properly and without complications. We are also there for you after the purchase is complete should you need it.


When we together have found one or more homes you are interested in, we book the viewings. All our viewings are individual, meaning you have plenty of time for all questions and reviews. Bidding in the Canary Islands is not as we understand it in the UK, the one who comes first with the bid requested by the seller, secures the home. The only negotiation that can occur is if the buyer places a lower bid than requested by the seller. NOTAR receives and forwards all bids to the seller. Bids are usually made by phone and confirmed by email or SMS.

Reservation Contract.

Our contracts have been prepared by our lawyer in accordance with the requirements of Spanish law. A contract from us secures your interests in accordance with legal laws and regulations, whether you are a seller or buyer. At the contract meeting, we review the contract to eliminate possible misunderstandings. When signing a reservation contract, the buyer pays 10% of the total purchase price. Once this is done, the property is secured and taken away from the market.

Housing market.

Understanding the market value in the Canary Islands is not always easy. The statistics are not as accessible and accurate as in Great Britain. The real estate prices in the Canary Islands is an estimated market value determined by the seller. Therefore, prices may vary depending on the seller's estimation.

At NOTAR we have access to a realistic statistic that makes it possible to get an idea of the correct value of a property.


In order the acquisition to be done correctly, to ensure the buyer's and seller's identity and the property's legal state, all parties (seller, buyer and broker) must meet with a Public Notary. This is where the official purchase letter is prepared and the transaction ends, where the buyer pays the remaining part of the purchase price with a certified bank check. On this occasion, any debts and loans on the property are cancelled and a new loan registered, if the buyer takes out a loan.


Costs related to the purchase of real estate in the Canary Islands has a total approx. 10%. divided into taxes and fees.