Why use Notar ?

There are many reasons to choose Notar

But the most important thing is that we guarantee that we will do our utmost to sell your property at a price you are happy with. At Notar, the focus is 100 per cent aimed at selling the home, that the result should be good for the seller, and that the experiences for the customers should be good throughout the process.

We have Norway's best toolkit for sale of homes, and constantly strive to find new and accurate methods for selling your particular home. Notar is an independent real estate agent who does not mix other products into the business.

As a seller of housing abroad you also have Notar's unique sales guarantee. In it, it is that if we cannot sell your home you can withdraw it from the assignment with a no cure no pay policy. What makes our sales guarantee unique is that we do not have any binding time. We are on until you are happy and you can decide when you want to sell. By using Notar you therefore have the best prerequisites for a positive sales process as possible.